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The Royal Family

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2022/23 marks the 15th season for our signature Royal Family series. With the legendary Duke and Jester, we revolutionized the binding industry as the first brand to address wider ski designs with bindings that improved their performance in every facet. With each new season, Marker continues to release new bindings and technologies that make the mountain more fun and keep your skis performing at their best.

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royal family Vb Squire 7092

The revised version of the predecessor Squire 11 ID comes with a new Triple Pivot Light toe unit and the lighter Hollow Linkage heel– the latest generation of which was first installed in the Duke PT 12.

The anti-ice rail featured in other Royal Family bindings has now been attached to the Squire 11’s toe piece, making it easy to remove snow and ice from the sole of your boots. The new Squire generation forgoes height-adjustable slide plates (Sole.ID technology) in favour of a shoe mount specially adapted to GripWalk and alpine soles. Since there’s no need to adjust slide plates, the binding is now even easier for customers and retailers to use. This feature also distinguishes the Squire from the Griffon in its functionality.

royal family Ferse Squire gru  n solo 7094

The second generation Hollow Linkage heel significantly improves entry performance. Entry force is reduced by up to a third. A milled-out, wider entry area makes it even easier to get into the binding. Even with GripWalk soles, it closes without much effort, making it particularly suitable for youngsters and women.

Its modern, more rugged design is very much de rigueur and will please fashion-conscious freeriders. Roughened surfaces on the toe and heel make the bindings more resistant to scratches and are part of the Squire’s progressive design. Four different colour options offer a wide choice for matching the bindings to your skis and outfit.