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    Super-light, ascent-oriented touring pin binding with ISI toe piece and great step-in comfort. Built for high alpine challenges.


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    The ultra-light Alpinist pin binding (270 g without brake) offers everything experienced touring skiers need. Its construction allows active length compensation without affecting the ski’s flex. A very stiff, ISI front makes the binding easier to step into, as a wide footprint with integrated stop automatically positions and aligns your boot. Kinematically optimised pin levers then allow the pins to snap shut with just a gentle push. The heel features 0°, 5° and 9° climbing aids and can be switched quickly and easily from ascent to descent mode. A 38 mm wide hole pattern transfers power brilliantly to the edges, which means control and great steering.


    One Size,

    Primary Category

    Touring ,

    Binding Weight

    360 ,

    Weight w/o brake

    270 ,

    Boot Type

    Touring ,

    Brake width

    optional (90; 105; 115 mm) ,

    Din/ISO Range

    4.0 - 10.0 ,

    Heel adjustment range

    15 mm ,

    Stand height w/o ski

    13mm ,

    Step-in Heel

    Alpinist heel ,

    Toe System

    ISI Toe

    Recommended Skier's Weight

    max. 243 lbs

    Best For:

    category icon touring


    PDP tech callout alpinist